It’s Time for the April 2016 Roc Toc

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Dear Shasta Gem and Mineral Society Members and Guests,
We have a lot to share this month in the April Roc Toc. Our monthly meeting will be held this Friday, Apr 8th at 6pm.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: There has been a change to the field trip calendar for the April field trip. It will now be held this Saturday, April 9th with everyone meeting at 0700 (7am) at the lapidary workshop (Gilman Lapidary School). This field trip is to Saw Mill Peak outside Chico and will be a joint field trip with the Paradise Rock Club. It will be a great opportunity to meet others who love to rockhound and may be familiar with the area.

Thank you for spreading the word about our club and all the wonderful opportunities we have to offer!

2016 April Roc Toc final

We hope to see you at the meeting and on the field trip, too!

March RocToc is Here!

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Greetings! With Spring in full bloom, we present the March 2016 Roc Toc for the Shasta Gem and Mineral Society. Field trip season is almost upon us so be sure to watch the monthly Roc Toc’s to get important field trip information.

2016 March Roc Toc

Thank you and happy {rock}hunting!!

Get your Oct/Nov RocToc Here!!

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Hello Everyone,
We are excited to share this combination month’s RocToc for your reading enjoyment. Please note that our Annual Gem Fair is next weekend…YES, you heard that right! It’s that time of year for free admission and you can shop for jewelry, specimens, materials and more til your heart’s content!!!

We sure hope you will join us at the Shasta District Fairgrounds for the fun! See the RocToc for dates and times.

Happy Fall!RocToc oct 2015 draft

**IMPORTANT** August Field Trip Info

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Hello Fellow Rockhounds,
Please note that the August RocToc calendar has listed the incorrect date for the August field trip. The CORRECT DATE is August 15th.
We are meeting at 6am at the Bella Vista My-T-Fine grocery store and will head to Duck Flats for Tuledad Agate, Jasper and Petrified Wood. The drive is roughly 3.5 hrs each direction. Please bring plenty of water, your own food and snacks and buckets & equipment.
This should be a great trip and we look forward to seeing you all there!
Hugh Watson

August RocToc Edition

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Greetings from the Shasta Gem & Mineral Society,
We hope you enjoy this month’s RocToc. **PLEASE NOTE** there is no monthly meeting for August. We will resume meetings in September and we hope you will join us.

Enjoy the remaining days of Summer as we hope for rain in our drought stricken state and area of beautiful Northern California. Thank you to all the firefighter crews for working hard this fire season!

RocToc August 2015

July 2015 RocToc is Here!

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We know the heat in Northern California is no joke so we bring you the super cool version of the RocToc is here for you to enjoy in your favorite air conditioned space! Hope to see you at the next meeting…
RocToc July 2015 draft

June 2015 Field Trip Report

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On our outing in June we visited two different rock hound locations: Modoc for picture jasper and Davis Creek for rainbow obsidian. We met at the My-T-Fine grocery store parking lot in Bella Vista at 6 am on June, 20th 2015. We took a short break for breakfast and gas in Burney. After our stomachs and gas tanks were full, we got back on the road heading east on Highway 299. The drive from Burney to the Modoc National Forest was picturesque on a beautiful Saturday morning. It took about an hour to arrive at the picture jasper location. The seventeen members on the rock hounding trip were excited to start collecting picture jasper. Steve and I gave everyone examples of what the best material to collect looked and felt like. After about an hour of collecting material we left the picture jasper location and headed northeast on Highway 299. We drove towards Davis Creek to collect rainbow obsidian.

We made another stop for gas and a bathroom break in Alturas and then continued an additional twenty miles to Davis Creek. Our first stop in Davis Creek was at the mercantile store for the collecting permit and obsidian bed maps. The group was eager to get to the obsidian bed to start digging so with permits and maps in hand we proceeded to the obsidian location. There were two miners working their claims that I struck up a friendship with last year. I quickly went and spoke with one of them who has been mining the obsidian bed since he retired over fifteen years ago. He said we could take from his tailings pile and also stated if we helped him dig we can also get a few larger boulders from the mine as well. The party scattered, with some picking through the tailings pile, while others wandered around looking for a prime spot to start collecting.

I quickly walked over to the second mine owner that I knew to let him know we were here to collect and also to trade with him. This mine owner gave us the green light to collect from his mine if we helped him dig as well. I informed everyone that we could collect from both mines during the trip, as the owners had given us permission. In a short span of time several members reached the allotted amount and started the long trip back to Redding. The rest of us took our time collecting and establishing friendships with the two mine owners. Time flew by quickly and after several hours of the sun beating down on us, it was time to leave and head back home. The two locations that we collected from yielded some beautiful materials. Modoc picture jasper and rainbow obsidian were not difficult to find and collect; the only hard part was the three hour drive getting there. Our next rock hounding trip is scheduled to take place on July 18th and the location is Peterson Peak (also known as Hallelujah Junction) to collect smokey quartz, amethyst and even citrine. We look forward to seeing more of you on the next trip and hope you will join us for a fun and exciting time hunting for earth’s treasures.

The April RocToc is here!

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Spring has sprung and the Shasta Gem and Mineral Society is in full swing, complete with our first official field trip completed in March. With a new field trip chairman, we look forward to several field trips over the coming months. We hope you will join us!RocToc April 2015 draft2 (1)

March RocToc Newsletter

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Want to know what is going on with the Shasta Gem and Mineral Society?? Read on in the following March 2015 RocToc newsletter.
Hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming monthly meetings! RocToc March 2015 draft2

February RocToc Newsletter

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Hello Friends of the Shasta Gem and Mineral Society,

Our apologies on the delay of the last couple RocToc Newsletters. We hope you will still find useful information about what has been going on with the club and it’s members. RocToc feb 2015 (1)

Please join us for the monthly meeting April 10th. See the April RocToc post for more information!