We hold a CLUB SHOW every year at the Shasta County Fairgrounds in Anderson, California.

It has become a very big hit with Shasta County residents and we get more than 2000 visitors who are either there to purchase from the dealers or just view the fantastic displays that member and outside dealers bring to the show.  Many of our members are also sellers of items that they collected themselves or have produced from rough rock.  IT is just amazing to see the faces of many visitors when they see what can be made out of a rock—this makes for great interest to learn some more about it and we do get many new members each year right after our shows are held.  This show, our main club show is always held in October and is usually the 3rd week of the month.  We do extensive and broad advertisement for this show in local papers, television and through signage.  Club-members enjoy displaying the items they take pride in, through showcases, on display during the shows and what you’ll see will amaze you!

Our members who are sellers also travel all over the west to sell at and in different towns.  They usually have great stories to share with us when we next see them!